Killer Mike – Maynard Vignette ft. T.I., J.I.D, & Jacquees

Killer Mike Michael

Killer Mike is easily one of the best rappers in the game at this point. Overall, he has had a long and prosperous career that has brought him quite a few accolades. The fans love him and his most recent album Michael was a victory lap of sorts. It is considered to be one of the best projects of the year so far. There are some great songs on there that touch on controversial subjects. However, Mike continues to showcase his firm grasp on his craft and his lyricism.

Today, Killer Mike returned with a brand-new song. This time around, Mike decided to assemble a dream team of sorts. T.I., J.I.D, and Jacquees can all be heard on this new song, titled “Maynard Vignette.” It is a track that will come as a surprise to fans given the fact that Killer Mike just dropped an album a few months ago. That said, it is definitely a welcomed surprise.

This is simply a gorgeous track all the way through. During this track, we get some moments where the song takes us into Killer Mike’s world and the adversity he has faced. As for T.I. and J.I.D, they gave us some great guest verses that complement Mike quite nicely. From there, Jacquees is on the hook, and he is sounding as good as ever.

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