Terry G Replies Tems Over Her Comment About Misplacing Her Grammy Plaque

Terry g grammy tems

The audacious street-hop sensation, Gabriel Oche Amanyi, renowned as Terry G, has unleashed a vehement critique directed at his colleague, Tem, in response to her startling revelation about her supposedly missing Grammy plaque.

In a time when numerous Nigerian vocalists harbor soaring ambitions of clinching the illustrious Grammy Award, the international sensation Tems, during an exclusive interview with ELLE, dropped a bombshell by confessing that she was utterly clueless regarding the whereabouts of her plaque.

In a video that swiftly went viral, Tems openly admitted that the precise location where she had chosen to safeguard her cherished Grammy Award plaque had eluded her memory. The songstress, with an air of nonchalance, conveyed that she had gracefully ascended to the next echelon in her illustrious career.

Tems’ words: “I think it’s inside the shelf, somewhere. I don’t know where it is. I don’t really have it out. I’ve not….since I got it, I’ve not….I just keep moving forward. I’m moving on to the next.”


Responding to this jaw-dropping interview, the iconoclastic maestro behind ‘Free Madness,’ Terry G, did not hold back, launched a scathing rebuke against Tems.

He dragged her for disrespecting such a revered and highly-coveted award, implying that she would have treated the Grammy plaque as a priceless treasure if she genuinely believed herself deserving of it.

Terry G wrote: “If you work for it, you will cherish it and show it to the world any chance you get.”

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