Killer Mike – Motherless ft. Robert Glasper & Eryn Allen Kane

killer mike motherless remix

Killer Mike’s 2023 record, MICHAEL, has been a big success. It will surely end up on a lot of critics and listeners’ end-of-the-year lists for best rap albums. Mike put out one of the most personal projects of the year as well. On top of that, there is no shortage of bangers and standout performances. Some of the best songs land on here, too. You have tracks like “MAYNARD VIGNETTE,” “SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS,” and plenty others to name.

However, easily the most passionate song on the entire LP, “MOTHERLESS,” just got some amazing updates. Even though the song is already pretty flawless, Robert Glasper worked his magic. For those who do not know, Glasper is a big contributor to some of the best rap albums over the past few years. He has lots of credits on Kendrick Lamar’s jazz rap classic, To Pimp A Butterfly. Now, he just turned “MOTHERLESS” into even more of a tender cut.

Glasper strips down the instrumental to a piano ballad. There are no drums, bass, or any of it. It allows for Mike’s lyrics and emotions to shine through perfectly. When the rapper gets into his spoken word bit at the end, you will break down like he does. Glasper really did his thing with this one and it is one of the best musical moments of the year.


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