Video: DJ Khaled – Supposed To Be Loved ft. Lil Baby, Future & Lil Uzi Vert

DJ Khaled Lil Baby Future and Lil Uzi Verts SUPPOSED TO BE LOVED Video

DJ Khaled partnered with Nickelodeon to release his new music video, “SUPPOSED TO BE LOVED,” featuring Lil Baby, Future, and Lil Uzi Vert. The visuals premiered on the network’s official YouTube channel today (Oct. 4).

The clip featured child actors portraying the hip hop stars. Each of them mirrored the respective artists’ signature looks, such as Uzi’s face tattoos and Baby’s dreads. Furthermore, the Atlanta native’s character went as far as to take his love interest on a date featuring chicken nuggets and Kool-Aid jammers.

On the chorus, Future and Baby crooned, “I’m tryna love you like you ‘posed to be loved. She know I’m a thug, she don’t treat me like no rapper. See you comin’ up, I can make that s**t faster. Smooth operator, I ain’t tryna be no bastard. Yeah, I’m tryna love you like you ‘posed to be loved.”

Elsewhere, Uzi rapped, “See, even though I’m rich, I still sit back, just in my room. Starin’ at the stars, lookin’ at the moon. She must think I’m sweet, but I be movin’ with the goons. I went No. 1, but you still make me feel like two. See, I give it all.”

Another standout moment of the visuals was the opening. “Recess Therapy” host Julian Shapiro-Barnum interviewed the child portraying Khaled about his crush. Meanwhile, the clip concluded with the actors being asked what love means to them, which tied back to the song’s central theme.

“SUPPOSED TO BE LOVED” was initially released in August. It’s expected to appear on the Grammy winner’s forthcoming 14th LP, ‘TIL NEXT TIME.


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