DJ Khaled Reveals That He Has Two Drake Features On ‘TIL NEXT TIME’

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DJ Khaled is back with big news. He’s got two new songs with Drake coming out on his next album, TIL NEXT TIME. The New Orleans native broke the news on Thursday (Sept. 28) night while sharing the stage with his former collaborator during the “It’s All A Blur Tour.”

Holding up a huge sign, Khaled made sure everyone knew what was coming in addition to when the LP was slated to debut. He later captioned an Instagram post, “Win with us, or watch us win; let’s play chess. MY NEW ALBUM WILL HAVE 2 KEYS. Coming 2024.”

The record producer and Drake have been a winning team for years. They gifted fans with hits like “I’m On One” in 2011, “No New Friends” in 2013, and “Staying Alive” in 2022.

In KhaIed’s 2020 interview with Billboard, he spoke about his affinity for Drizzy. He shared, “I can say this with Drake: That’s my brother for real. He’s my friend for real. He loves me, and I love him, too. Also, as people that are two music execs, two guys that make music, two guys that put out albums, two guys that are bosses and CEOs, we relate to each other in a great way, meaning IT’S BIG.”

Khaled continued, “If I come to Drake like, ‘Let’s do something,’ in his head, he’s already saying that ‘Khaled isn’t doing just anything.’ That’s how I look at Drake too because everything he do is big. So, if anything, I’m complimenting him because I don’t wanna waste nobody’s time, and we’re brothers. So we gotta do it big.”

Besides the Toronto rapper, artists like Lil Baby, Future, and Lil Uzi Vert are also featured on the upcoming release. The trio appeared on “SUPPOSED TO BE LOVED” in August.

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