NLE Choppa – Apart From You

NLE Choppa Apart From You

Rappers crooning their way through tracks have existed for quite some time, especially as it was championed by throughout his career. We hear rappers giving their singing chops a chance regularly, and today (June 10), threw his hat in the ring. The Memphis star is known for his hard-hitting tracks that speak to his upbringing or the street life, but this time, Choppa delivered a slow jam for the ladies.

In “Apart From You,” Choppa belts out bars about his leading lady who he apparently can’t stop thinking about. It’s not what fans usually expect from the rapper, but the single is dedicated to Choppa’s girlfriend, Marissa, who he posted to his Instagram when he announced the song. In a video that showed him and his girl enjoying their time together, Choppa included his latest release in the background.


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