NLE Choppa – Too Hot ft. MoneyBagg Yo

NLE Choppa Too Hot ft. MoneyBagg Yo
Too Hot ft.

Back in 2020, gave fans From Dark to Light, an album that told us last month would be drastically different than his forthcoming project, Me vs. Me. Choppa has been a rising artist who has balanced his career with his personal ambitions to education his generation about a healthier lifestyle that has worked for him. However, he also stated that Me vs. Me will be an album where he returns to dropping more bars about topics that his fans care to hear more about, including the street life.

“Me vs. Me is, pretty much, a project concept I’ve been wanting to get out for a long time,” Choppa told us. “I chose a few old songs and I chose a lot more newer songs so that people can see the growth that I’ve shown musically. At the same time, I’m still speaking on the same topics of what my core fans like to hear from me.”

“It’s really two different types of tapes,” he added about the differences between From Dark to Light and Me vs. Me. “This tape is for my core fans, so I’m not really speaking on anything that is enlightening on this tape. My mindset has definitely changed because I’m a sober mind now. I don’t do any drugs. So, I’m probably talking about the same things as my old self would talk about, but it’s more advanced.”


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