Key Glock – Monaco

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Just last month, Latin superstar Bad Bunny put out a fairly quick follow-up to his 2022 record, Un Verano Sin Ti. nadie sabe lo qua va a pasar mañana featured some standout tracks like the single, “WHERE SHE GOES.” Another one of those highlights was “MONACO.” In the second cut in the tracklist, Bunny goes full Latin trap rap. One of the best parts about the song is the incredible ear-catching string sections laced throughout the beat. A rapper that knows how to incorporate those elements into their own productions is Key Glock. His cutthroat style is extremely present in his music. Naturally, this epic beat is a perfect home for those kinds of lyrics.

Well, that is exactly what Glock did with this one. The instrumental does not change but it has more of that mean-mugging feeling to it. Somehow, it is even more ruthless than Bunny’s version. However, we should not expect any less from the Memphis MC. The “Monaco Freestyle,” unfortunately, is harshly shorter, but it is still a more than enjoyable listen.

From the outside looking in, it appears this will not land on Glock’s upcoming record, Glocktober. There is not much knowledge on the project besides a cover and some singles. We were originally predicting it might drop on Halloween with the title. It could just be another extended version of Glockoma 2, or it could be another record entirely. Fans will just have to stay tapped in for now.


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