Key Glock – One Me

key glock one me

Memphis, Tennessee rapper Key Glock is one of the most prolific rappers in the game. It seems like every other day the man has a new track for us to talk about. Well, that has been the case over the past couple of weeks. That is mainly because Glock has a new album on the way, and it could be coming out in the next couple of days.

The name of the project is Glocktober. Fans in the comments section on the announcement post on his Instagram were showing lots of excitement. They were also poking some fun at the cover art. The reason is that it shares the exact same imagery as Glockoma 2. All Glock did was change the color from red to orange for a supposed Halloween release date.

We already have two tracks from the album and we might have the last one ahead of its release. Glock’s “One Me” features production from one of the best trap beat makers, 808 Mafia. The lyrics are braggadocious as you might expect, especially due to the title. He is rapping to prove why he feels no one else is doing it like him.


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