Joeboy Narrates How He Once Worked In A Pure Water Factory Before Fame

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Nigerian singer, Joeboy has shared some of his life touching story that made him dream big about becoming a successful musician.

Speaking in an interview with Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast on Saturday, Fenbruary 17, 2024, the artist talked about how he used to work in a factory that made pure water when he was in college.

Joeboy narrated that during a university strike lasting three months, he found himself relentlessly searching for employment across Lagos but to no avail. Faced with the harsh reality of unemployment, he took up a position as a marketer in a pure water factory. The challenges he encountered during this period left him contemplating his future prospects post-graduation, sparking a determination to succeed in the music industry.

Reflecting on his journey, Joeboy expressed gratitude for his unexpected breakthrough in the music industry. Despite facing skepticism from some quarters, including advice against his signing, he found himself signed to Empawa, headed by Mr. Eazi, where his career flourished.

Joeboy described his life as a “miracle,” noting that even his parents had not anticipated his career path in music. He emphasized the significance of his label deal with Empawa, which he hailed as the “best label deal in Afrobeats history in Nigeria.” Furthermore, he recently established his own record label, Young Legend, while maintaining his affiliation with Empawa.

In his words, “I studied Human Resources and Personal Management. When I was in the university, there was a strike for like three months. So I decided to get a job and I was searching for a job for like three months in the whole of Lagos. I did not get one single job. There was even a time I worked in a pure water factory as a marketer. At that point I was like, ‘I’m looking so hard for a job and I can’t find any. Is this how I’m going to end up when I finish school?’ So that was also a trigger. I told myself, ‘You really have to make sure you make it [in the music industry].”

Joeboy’s story serves as a testament to resilience and determination, inspiring aspiring musicians with the message that success can be achieved through perseverance and dedication, irrespective of one’s beginnings.


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