‘I Had The Best Label Deal In Afrobeats History’- Joeboy

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Afrobeats star Joeboy has said he signed the best deal in afrobeats history with his former record label, Empawa Records.

In a recent interview with Joey Akan on the Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast, Joeboy candidly discussed his experience with Empawa, the record label deal he entered into with his previous label, and the challenges he faced in adapting to fame when he gained widespread recognition.

When questioned about his tenure at Empawa and his encounter with the contract he signed, Joeboy clarified that he had secured the most favorable record label deal compared to other Afrobeat artists. He noted that the music industry is rife with tales of artists enduring hardships due to the agreements they enter into.

“When I signed the first deal, I’ll be honest I did not have prior knowledge of how the industry works. I’ll say I was naive. I did not have my lawyer. The deal was good. Big shoutout to Mr Eazi. I know what other guys are going through in this industry and I’ll say for a fact that I had the best deal. I had the best deal in afrobeats history in Nigeria. I am not joking. So I’ll say before I signed the first deal I’ll say I wasn’t confident in that particular point in time It was a new world to me. I was just learning but right now there is so much that I know that not a lot of people know. I am grateful that I have gotten to know these things”

When asked about his time before fame, he expressed astonishment at witnessing his debut song, ‘Baby’, transform into a global phenomenon within just three months of its release. He admitted that when he first gained fame, he doubted anyone would even recognize him. Joeboy recounted that his rise to fame was abrupt. He was forced to relocate from his neighborhood to adjust to his newfound celebrity status.


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