Fivio Foreign – Paris To Tokyo The Kid LAROI

Fivio Foreign Paris To Tokyo The Kid LAROI

There has been quite a bit of talk about New York City’s Drill scene as of late, and despite the controversies, Fivio Foreign continues to lead the pack. Recently, Joe Budden said that Drill only has about five or six more years under its belt, but regardless of how long the subgenre will exist, Fivio’s sound remains a favorite, and he has helped introduce artists from other genres into the scene.

We haven’t heard much from Fivio since he released B.I.B.L.E. earlier this year, but he makes a triumphant return with The Kid LAROI by his side. The rapper and Australian singer light up on “Paris to Tokyo,” and while they may seem as if they would be an unlikely pair, this collaboration has fans making noise.

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