Fivio Foreign – Why Would I?

Fivio Foreign Why Would I

New York’s very own Fivio Foreign returns to the scene with new music. He’s been a prominent voice in the drill movement, and also has proven just how versatile he can get with his music. In his new song, “Why Would I?” Fivio is questioning why he should care about people’s opinions, especially on the internet. Within the new track “Why Would I?,” Fivio Foreign takes a reflective stance, questioning the significance of people’s thoughts, particularly those expressed on the internet. In an era where social media and online platforms often amplify voices and judgments, the rapper raises the essential question: Why should he lend an ear to the noise of the internet?

Set against a dynamic drill beat, Fivio delivers his verses with a compelling blend of confidence and contemplation. In addition, Fivio Foreign also directs his attention toward his “opps.” He asserts that despite the bravado and threats made by his rivals, he rarely encounters them in real-life situations. This assertion is evident in his lyrics: “All n****s do is go live on the internet, lyin’ and chugglin’.” In essence, Fivio Foreign is calling out the bluff of those who resort to talk online but fail to back up their words with actions in the physical world.

Moreover, Fivio is clearly speaking to people who talk a lot online but never do anything in person. “None of these n****s is savage,” Fivio raps on the beat. “None of these n****s pop out to my shows and I’m always postin’ up the address.” The release of “Why Would I?” underscores Fivio Foreign’s ability to blend his own commentary with the gritty energy of drill music. His willingness to address relevant topics and challenge the authenticity of online personas is a good sound for him. As Fivio Foreign continues to navigate the music landscape, “Why Would I?” serves as a reminder of his commitment to staying true to his artistry. It is a testament to his growth as an artist who is unafraid to tackle complex themes within the context of the drill genre.


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