Dj Maphorisa Advises Nigerian Producers To Slow Down The Amapiano Tempo

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One of Amapiano earliest pioneers, DJ Maphorisa has caused a stir, urging Nigerian producers to slow down the beats per minute (BPM) in their amapiano tracks.

Maphorisa, widely recognized as one of the genre’s driving forces, made the comments during a recent Instagram live session , highlighting his belief that the slower tempo is central to the true amapiano sound.

“Please…. play amapiano softer… you can’t be playing amapiano at 120 BPM” he explained. “They’ll be playing amapiano like they’re playing hip hop… play it at 113, 114, 115 BPM.”

While amapiano has exploded in popularity across Africa and beyond, variations have emerged, with some Nigerian producers incorporating faster tempos into their interpretations. Maphorisa’s comments come as a friendly nudge, encouraging them to stay closer to the genre’s origins.

It remains to be seen whether Nigerian producers will heed Maphorisa’s call. However, his influence is undeniable, and his comments are sure to add another layer to the richness of amapiano’s global journey.

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