Muni Long – Made For Me (Amapiano Remix)

muni long made for me remix

Muni Long is another artist who is working her way up the ranks and in a hurry. The Vero Beach/Gifford, Florida native is an R&B talent who likes to work in the contemporary lane. However, one of her handful of singles in 2023 was a little bit of a change in sound. “Made For Me” sounds like something that would have released and been a hit in the early 2000s. However it still became one of her most popular songs. Now. Muni Long is bringing a “Made For Me” remix that will knock your socks off as well.

This remix features the same producers such as Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox, and JordanXL. However, a new face enters the booth. Yumbs is a DJ/producer and he is bringing an amapiano flare to the mix. The slower and more sensual version adds about a minute to the run time.

However, the song does not get stale. It keeps you enticed as with its undeniable grooves coming from some softer drum patterns. This new edition will whisk you away and needs to be on a playlist for those more intimate nights with your partner. Be sure to give it a try with the YouTube link below.


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