Yeat – Wtf They On

yeat wtf they on

Yeat is someone who has been bubbling for a couple of years at this point. However, no one could have guessed the kind of rise he would end up having. Songs like “Sorry Bout That” put him on the map. Although, it would be his collaborations with Lil Uzi Vert that would take him to a whole new level. Overall, his music hit so hard that it eventually got producer BNYX to blow up. BNYX now works with Drake and a plethora of other massive artists. Needless to say, it has been an amazing rise.

In fact, Yeat was just on Drake’s new album, For All The Dogs. He appears in the song “IDGAF” which was originally just a Yeat leak. Consequently, most fans who heard the track ended up clowning Drizzy for his verse. Even his “Money For Fun” ad-libbing ended up becoming a huge meme. That said, fans have been waiting for Yeat to drop a new song. Well, on Friday, he did just that with “Wtf they on.”

This song has some tripped-out and wild production that will certainly get people’s ears to perk up a bit. As always, Yeat brings those flows that he is known for. The effort sounds pretty fantastic, and you can’t help but admire what he’s doing sonically. Although it may not be for everyone, it is most definitely pretty innovative.


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