YBN Nahmir – Bows

YBN Nahmir Bows

YBN Nahmir, born Nicholas Alexander Simmons, has been in for quite some time now. He got most of his popularity after dropping his single “Rubbin Off The Paint” back in 2017. The record, fast-paced and filled with bass, generated millions of views online. Because of this, Nahmir has continued to use that type of beat and flow on his new tracks.

His most recent song, “Blow,” dropped on streaming platforms yesterday (July 8). The two-and-a-half-minute record featured a sound similar to what Nahmir is used to. Its upbeat tempo and heavy piano sounds gave it a mysterious feel and the Birmingham native used it to his advantage. On the single, he spat bars about many different topics. From being wealthy to smoking out hotel rooms, Nahmir dropped bars from beginning to end.

He also featured a lengthy chorus that focused on having riches from living a dangerous lifestyle. “Rollie selling packs while in the trap/Posted with my strap, I be in the back,” he rapped. Honing in on having plenty of cash, the 22-year-old said, “Car crashed, had to change that ‘Rari for that Lambo/Get paid, you know your b*tch know what a n*gga been on.”

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