Watch Lil Wayne And Nelly Hilariously Struggle To Use Instagram Live

Nelly Lil Wayne Ig Live

and showed their age during a recent Instagram Live session.

The rap veterans went live Thursday to discuss their hip-hop vs. country celebrity basketball game, but it took an unexpected and hilarious turn as they both struggled to work the technology.

Wayne, 38, appeared confused as he looked into the camera, asking whether the comments at the bottom of the screen were intended for him.

“I see stuff coming at the bottom. That’s people saying stuff to me and you?” he asked Nelly.

Nelly, 47, confirmed that it was working. “We both on here. They talking to us,” he told him.

After asking if he could “smoke on here,” Wayne then noticed that had a glittery filter over his face. “Why everything sparkling on you and stuff?” he asked Nelly, who initially thought Wayne was high.

“What’s that shit you smoking?” he asked him before they laughed over it.

But Wayne wasn’t feeling ’s filter and told him to turn it off. “Take the effects off, man,” he said.

admitted that he didn’t know “what the f**k I’m doing” before turning off the filter.

Social media couldn’t resist weighing in with jokes and memes, playfully poking fun at them for their inability to use social media.

“Nelly & Wayne on IG Live looking like every uncle ever. Just confused,” tweeted one person, while another added, “This and Nelly going live on IG is hilarious. It’s like seeing someone get on internet for the first time.”

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