Sukihana Claps Back At Critics Over 2023 MTV VMAs Behavior

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Sukihana appeared on the 2023 MTV VMAs red carpet on Tuesday (Sept. 12). Her presence subsequently sparked a wave of online discourse due to her provocative poses. The New Jersey event saw the musician lay sprawled on the floor with her rear facing the cameras.

Criticism swiftly surfaced on the internet with several detractors accusing the “Love & Hip-Hop: Miami” star of portraying Black women negatively. “I just had a daughter. I’m sorry, I look at things much differently now, and I would hate to see her acting like this,” one person wrote in the comments of The Neighborhood Talk.

Another added, “As a grown man with values, businesses, [and] a strong knowledge of what’s important, this type of behavior or woman doesn’t even attract me. Bring back class, respect, [and] dignity.”

The “Eating” artist confronted the backlash head-on by addressing her critics earlier this week.

As discussions ramped up on Twitter, one user insisted, “Let’s cancel Suki. She really makes Black b**ches look horrible.” It prompted a reply from the Miami-based rapper. On Wednesday (Sept. 13), she snapped back: “Y’all been looked horrible, stop blaming me.”

Sukihana championed her stance by recalling past Video Music Awards moments. She reposted a picture from 2005 where Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith presented an award topless with MTV logos painted over matching-colored pasties. “This the VMAs??” she wrote.

Despite her arguments, a large portion of social media continued to disapprove of the musician’s behavior. Unfazed, the artist retorted with humor. She shared memes that integrated her VMAs pose into iconic scenes like The Lion King and The Last Supper. “[You’re] right. Here’s the time and place,” Suki responded.

The controversy mirrored past incidents involving Sukihana, who faced criticism for her antics during a July trip to London. In a clip that went viral, she said, “I’m trying to get my coochie stretched and eat a n**ga a**. We’ll be eating n**gas’ a** today.”

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