Spyro Gifts His Mother A Car, Days After Acquiring His Third Mansion

spyro mom car.jpg

Spyro recently made headlines for purchasing a multi-million dollar home. With this great gift, he is now expressing his love and respect for his mother.

He had asked his mother over, telling her he needed her help with his next album, he said.

She was in for a big surprise when she arrived at his house—a new automobile. Spyro had promised himself as a child that he would buy a car like this for his mother, and he kept his word.

When his mother saw the car, she immediately began praying for her son with anointing oil, expressing her love and appreciation.

Spyro captioned this sweet moment on Instagram, “Congrats, mama.” This gesture clearly meant a lot to both Spyro and his mother, emphasizing their great attachment.

Spyro opened up about his financial experience a few weeks ago, stating that he began the year with very little money in his account, less than 10,000 Naira.


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