Russ – Nothin I Won’t Do

Russ Nothin I Wont Do
Russ Nothin I Wont Do

Russ has continuously marched to the beat of his own drum, and as of this past few months, the multi-talented emcee has kept a serious stride with weekly song releases. Today, Russ has offered up “Nothin I Won’t Do,” a song that finds the rapper getting romantic to a love interest. Though some might lament that the lyricist isn’t in his bag like he was on Chomp, you’d be wise to consider that the heart wants what it wants.

Of course, love songs are par for the course in hip-hop, so it’s not surprising to see Russ holding it down accordingly. His cleverness is still on display, as he spits his best game: “I know you more than just your looks, but you’re the baddest round / This is a PSA if you were TSA I’d let you pat me down.”

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