Ralo – First Day Out

ralo first day out

Just this past Wednesday, November 8, Ralo became a free man. He was serving six years behind bars for drug conspiracy charges. Now, he is looking to make up for lost time by getting back into the recording studio. When we reported that Ralo was out, we mentioned that he was going to be releasing a track shortly after. Well, he delivered on that promise, releasing the appropriately-titled, “First Day Out.” The Atlanta rapper took to Instagram to post about the song, but also leave a wise message for his followers. For those who do not know, Ralo does practice Islam, so that is why he mentions it in this caption.

He starts by saying, “I seen True Kings & Queens risk their life, freedom and livelihood to help build and feed villages, but when the wars came they lost their freedom, allies, wealth, property and some even lost their lives. If it’s anything in this world that can turn a person heart against you, then the love wasn’t never real in the first place.” Ralo goes on, “A pretty lie can bring out the ugly truth. Standing by your people when the odds is against them shows great strength, integrity and honor. If you ever heard of me doing anything other than that then the story is edited and fabricated. My heart is in Islam, my heart is with Dolph and I ain’t ever going against it… Stop Hating & “Welcome A #REAL1 Home” #RaloFree

The last part of that excerpt is the interesting part. Ralo was seeing some speculation on the internet about him “dissing” the CMG label that Yo Gotti oversees. Of course, both Gotti and Young Dolph had very bad blood. What caused people to talk about it was a bar he rapped on the track. “I love Dolph, so I can never sign to CMG / It ain’t no beef it’s just respect, they gonna respect this s*** / They disrespect, I promise we gonna wreck this b****.” However, Ralo was just standing by his friend and nothing more. “I’m just #TeamDolph so the internet just gone stir up s***.”


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