Quando Rondo – Feel This Way

quando rondo feel this way

Quando Rondo is someone who has been embroiled in controversy quite a bit throughout his career. Although he has been successful in his lane, there has been plenty of hate to come his way. For instance, he was wrapped up in the murder of King Von. Overall, this had fans looking at Rondo in a completely different light. Moreover, this past week, he was arrested and indicted on numerous charges. He was even accused of being a manager within the Rollin’ 60s gang.

Surprisingly, Quando Rondo was able to secure bond in that case. This subsequently drew criticism from Young Thug’s sister, who wonders why her brother can’t get the same treatment. Either way, Rondo is free right now, and he has been able to get back in the studio and release music for his biggest supporters. On Thursday, he came through with a fresh new single called “Feel This Way,”

With this track, Quando Rondo looks to pour his heart out with some clean vocal melodies. Moreover, he also sings over some uplifting production with heavy drums that complement his voice. As far as content is concerned, it is clear that the recent events are weighing on Quando Rondo right now. If you’re a fan, you will appreciate this direction.

It remains to be seen whether or not this new single leads to a fresh album for Quando Rondo.


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