Pouya – Wig Split ft. Denzel Curry

Pouya Wig Split ft. Denzel Curry
Wig Split ft.

is getting ready to deliver his upcoming album Blood Was Never Thick As Water, and today the Florida rapper has connected with for the blistering new single “Wig Split.” In keeping with hometown tradition, the track features an instrumental fueled by bouncy percussion and urgent synthesizers; it also happens to be dangerously short, clocking in at a little over two minutes.

Despite the blink-and-you-missed-it brevity, both Denzel and still make their presence felt. Alas, Pouya’s opening verse concludes the moment he slides into a new flow, though he does return for a few more lines shortly thereafter. Denzel is tasked with closing “Wig Split” out, and though he’s only delivering a few bars, his clever wordplay and explosive delivery provide a welcome jolt of energy.


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