Portable And His Wife Share Lovely Photos Amidst Mohbad’s Death

portable wife.jpg

The matching outfits that Nigerian artist Portable and his wife were sporting in an unidentified airport terminal caught people’s attention on social media.

In the said video, Portable can be seen accompanying his wife as they enter the large building.

He took his wife’s hand and led the way up the terminal steps a little while afterwards. He then gave her what appeared to be an international passport.

Many people were drawn in by the Nigerian singer’s acts in the video, and many commented on the website to express their opinions.

See some reactions below:

CreativeOliverr: “No matter wetin this guy wear, e no dey every fine. Small domestic fight o, e carry passport do video.”

@joesteve__: “This guy no get wàhálà, he still get wàhálà. I don’t know how he mixed both.”

@Inno4Chi: “This lady deserves all the niceties of this world. To dey with Portable hard pass medical exam.”

@ChroniclesPHC: “This portable guy seems to be a jolly good fellow when he is not on colos!”

@officialmrdeen: “Portable like this babe pass any other one.”

@akpan_favour1: “This is the love that the masses were saying it fake. Now people / come out and talk.”

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