Polo G – Bag Talk

Polo G Bag Talk

Over the last three years, Polo G has quickly become one of the most famous artists in the rap game. With projects like Die A Legend, The GOAT, and his two Hall of Fame efforts, Polo G has proven to the world that he can really do it all. He is an artist that puts himself entirely into his music, and fans have loved him for it.

As most popular artists do, Polo G has had to deal with his fair share of haters. Some people like to call him Piano G and Guitar G because he typically picks beats with these instruments. If this is the worst thing people are going to call you, then you are likely doing something right.
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In fact, Polo G played into this stereotype in his latest effort called “Bag Talk.” It had been a while since we got a Polo G track, so fans were excited to see that he dropped something new last night. As you will hear from this track, Polo G is sounding as focused as ever. He raps about street life, his grind, and the need to continue his rise to fame.

As for the instrumental, we get some nice flutes, a few guitars here and there, and finally, some nice piano lines hanging in the back. The 808s are crisp and add some oomph to the track. This ultimately helps complement what Polo G is saying throughout the track. Bars like “Bag on an opp, now we getting him’ clapped/switches let off, we gettin’ him wrapped” certainly drive the point home.

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