Meek Mill And Coi Leray To Join Snoop Dogg In Quitting Smoking

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Meek Mill is joining Snoop Dogg in a surprising health pivot after announcing his decision to quit smoking.

On Twitter, the Philadelphia native stated, “I’ma go to Dubai and completely stop smoking. I’ma follow Snoop. My doctor said I got a lil’ bit [of] emphysema in [my] chest. If I don’t stop smoking, it cuts my lifeline in half. I was addicted to the nicotine, and this new weed got too many chemicals and too risky to play with my mental!”

A separate post read, “Snoop [started] the no smoking challenge; we gon’ follow up! It’s not healthy for me!” The rapper previously discussed having health issues while promoting his joint album with Rick Ross titled Too Good To Be True.

During Ebro Darden’s “Rap Life Radio,” Meek explained, “I was drinking liquor every day. My stomach was bent over for a year and a half. I came home in 2019; I couldn’t smoke weed or really drink liquor like that. And before 2019, I was off the lean and all that.”

On Thursday (Nov. 16), Snoop startled fans by declaring his intention to quit. He posted, “After much consideration [and] conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time.” It showed a personal shift in priorities for the West Coast legend, who became nearly synonymous with cannabis over the past few decades.

The response to the “Gin and Juice” emcee’s announcement varied, with some fans expressing skepticism while others offered support. For instance, Conor McGregor commented, “Best of luck, Snoop! We are with you all the way.”

Similarly, Coi Leray shared the Long Beach, California rapper’s message on her Instagram Story. She captioned it, “[Alright], I’ma start [on] Monday [Nov. 20]. Let’s do this!”

The “Players” hitmaker later followed up with another message that read, “I’ma quit after Thanksgiving [Nov. 23].” Only time will tell if the artists stay true to their word or go back to smoking.

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