Kodak Black – They Fear Me

Kodak Black They Fear Me

Though he’s best known for stirring the pot and causing trouble, Kodak Black’s fans have noticed a maturity coming through in his lyrics as of late. With his most recent arrival – a surprise 4-track EP, Closure, which dropped this weekend – the 25-year-old continued this theme, particularly on “They Fear Me.”

The track opens on a heavy note, with Yak admitting that he’s been considering quitting rap due to the politics that come with being in the industry. “They hidin’ all my music, so I don’t get too many views / I’m still doin’ my thing, but it don’t do what it used to do,” he reflects.

Just a few bars later, the Florida native calls out some other controversial artists, rapping, “I keep it too real, they fear me, I want the world to hear me / I know Lil Boosie, Tory Lanez, and DaBaby feel me / They try to mute the real n*ggas who voicin’ they opinion / But I’m realer than the realest, so they gon’ have to take me serious.”

When discussing his new arrival on Instagram, Kodak wrote, “Somebody Leaked It So I Just Put It Up On My Page Officially Since It’s Spreading Anyways ! I Made This Last Year In A Dark Spot & Honestly I Prolly Woulda Never Released This.”

“I Make Music From My Soul It’s So Personal To Me That I Fear Of Re-Opening Old Scars ! This Is Not Intended To Diss Or Expose Anyone , Instead To Close A Chapter In My Book Before I Go On To The Next PEACEFULLY !!!!”

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