Gillie Da King Says “Nobody Can F**k With” Migos’ Ad-Libs: “They Just Say Anything”

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Although Migos is seemingly no longer following the fatal shooting of Takeoff in November 2022, the trio’s music catalog still lives on.

Today (Feb. 13), Complex aired its latest episode of “GOAT Talk” featuring “Million Dollaz Worth Of Game” co-hosts Gillie Da King and Wallo. While discussing the best ad-lib of all time, the former named the “Bad and Boujee” hitmakers.

Migos,” Gillie said while mumbling some of the group’s impromptus. “They got the GOAT ad-libs of all time. Nobody can f**k with Migos on the ad-libs. They just say anything, too. It don’t matter.” Wallo agreed, “You right. You right.” Check out the clip below.

During an April 2023 episode of “GOAT Talk” featuring Quavo and Chloë Bailey, the Atlanta rapper shared how he came up with his signature phrase, “Mama!”

“The story behind the ‘mama’ ad-lib is she used to chase us up and down the house trying to whoop us,” he explained. “And we’d make sure to call her name and say, ‘I’m just playing, mama! I’m just playing, mama! I’m just playing!’”

Quavo added, “Then when she get to you, you say, ‘Mama, mama, mama!’ Only when you in trouble is you calling her name like that.”

Notably, Migos’ 2018 project, Culture II, was filled with ad-libs. Web developers Niko Draca and Alex Marttinen analyzed all 2,262 lines from the project and discovered that over 1,500 of the lyrics contained an improvised remark.

“The album had just come out, and we thought it would be an interesting exploration,” Draca told Complex that same year. “We ran a couple scripts and found out that over 70 percent of the lines on the album had at least one ad-lib and were curious to see what else we could come up with.”

He added, “I fully credit the Migos with popularizing ‘ad-lib rap.’ It’s undeniable that this is the current state of rap music. When there are major shifts in pop culture like this one, it’s always interesting to dig deeper.”

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