Fivio Foreign – 1 On 3

Fivio Foreign 1 On 3

Fivio Foreign has had one hell of a year. After getting out of jail 2021, the Brooklyn rapper appeared on Ye’s acclaimed tenth studio album Donda, and since then, his stock has been rising rapidly. Considering all that he has accomplished in 2022, however, his sensational rookie campaign last year was clearly just a warm-up.

In February, he unleashed an undeniable smash record with the Alicia Keys- and Ye-assisted “City of Gods.” In the song, he proclaimed himself the defacto King of New York, and the Hip-Hop community agreed with his self-assessment. Two months after dropping that song of the year candidate, Fivio returned with his debut album, B.I.B.L.E. Titled after Killah Priest’s “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth,” Fivio’s album was widely considered a success. Since its release in April, fans have been clamoring for the deluxe version, but Fivio has apparently already switched his sights to his next project. In September, he teased a snippet of new music on Instagram, promising his fans, “This Mixtape finna sound like a album.”

Fivio hasn’t dropped the mixtape yet, but his latest single may be the first sample from the forthcoming project.

As the year comes to a close, Fivio Foreign has returned with another banger. Titled “1 On 3,” the Brooklyn Drill figurehead’s latest track is a short, yet spirited offering. The sub-two-minute track is produced by Jamaican producer, singer, and songwriter Rvssian, and the beat is perfect for Fivio. The “Can’t Be Us” rapper effortlessly skates over the thumping production, and, of course, his signature ad-libs make a return as well. The song is bolstered by an infectious hook about jumping the opposition, and despite its violent subject matter, it is an incredibly fun track.

In addition to loading “1 On 3” onto DSPs, Fivio Foreign released an official music video for the new single. In less than 12 hours, the video has already surpassed well over 500,000 views on YouTube. Fivio has not confirmed whether this song will make the final cut on his upcoming project, but considering its early success, he would be a fool not to.


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