Dababy Calls Cops On Danileigh After Heated Argument

Dababy Danileigh 1

called the cops on after a dramatic dispute that played out on social media.

The “Rockstar” rapper filmed a fight between him and the mother of his child, with whom he shares a 3-month-old daughter.

was in bed feeding their baby when went live on Instagram and a fight erupted. They got into a heated exchange before called the cops on his baby mama.

Talking to her own Instagram Live, Dani filmed her confrontation with the police and claimed that she and her daughter were being kicked out of ’s house.

“I just feel like it’s so unfair, this situation,” said an emotional Dani. “This whole time I’ve been nothing but straight with this man and tried, nothing but genuine pure love for this man from the jump, three years ago… It’s just very unfortunate.”

She said she plans to leave his house, even though she has nowhere to go. “I done dropped everything for my baby to have a good life…and for her to know her dad,” she added. “I will go figure it out like I always have since I’ve been young. Never depended on a man.”

released a statement in which he tried to distance himself from the “hostile” environment. He claims that Dani refuses to let him go and he is the victim of an “internet scheme” to ruin his reputation.

“I done been beat on and yelled at and chased around like one of them Fatal Attraction type girls,” he wrote.

responded with her own statement in which she said that she and have been living together for three months and DaBaby got upset when she wanted to take a contraceptive to avoid another pregnancy.

“This man is mad bc I had a Plan B sent to his condo,” she wrote. “Because all he wanna do is c** in me. With no responsibility.”

She added, “This man is a fu**ing coward…I really shoulda just listened to the cap ass internet about this man!!!!!”

After going back and forth, DaBaby said he’s been “set up” and claims he has screenshots, but he won’t post them. “Y’all come get her,” he said, referring to the police. “I am a father. That’s the only reason she around me. Everything else is gon’ come to light.”


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