Ari Lennox – Pressure

Ari Lennox Pressure
Ari Lennox Pressure

It has been a minute since we’ve received a solo effort from Ari Lennox. Earlier this year, the Dreamville singer teamed up with Queen Naija on “Set Him Up,” and while fans enjoyed hearing her vocals on the track, they have been begging the Shea Butter Baby star to make a triumphant return. Ari has been teasing her latest single “Pressure,” including clips from what is expected to be a vintage glam-inspired music video.

Back in July, the R&B singer’s supporters were pestering her about releasing another album but she set them straight, letting it be known that she is not in a rush to drop a record. “I’m content with my discography. Wether top 40 or not. Don’t care. My heart and Soul is in every single joint that’s out. Even my SoundCloud joints.”

“So until it feels right there simply won’t be no date on another project. So living my life is what I’ll continue doing.” Stream Ari Lennox’s “Pressure”—a track that arrives courtesy of legendary producers Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox, and Johnta Austin.

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