Sheck Wes – Pain

Sheck Wes Pain

When it comes to pure hype and energy, few have embodied those sounds in hip-hop quite like Sheck Wes over the past few years. Known for incredible bangers like “Mo Bamba” and “Live Sheck Wes,” the Harlem MC is known to inject every beat he rides with much aggression. Most recently, he dropped “PAIN!” as his third single of the year.

Much like “LFG!” from back in October, the fast and bouncy trap beat is what gives the track much of its aggressive foundation. However, the instrumental on “PAIN!” doesn’t have as many distorted synths as his past singles. Also, his verse delivery is much more understated on this track. Instead of directing rage into his bars, he lets his ad-libs go wild and make the instrumental that much more energetic. Moreover, it’s a very interesting contrast that Sheck is working with. After all, he’s both a popular rapper and professional basketball player. He’s got to know how to play both positions to a tee at this point.

More specifically, the instrumental on “PAIN!” is decidedly nocturnal and as subtle as a hard trap song could be. Some faint and glistening keys provide some semblance of melody or tones, but the drums take up most of the ambiance. Everything’s slightly distorted: the fast hi-hats, dry claps, and the booming bass that makes those frequencies come together. In fact, it might remind listeners of older songs of his like “YKTS.”

As mentioned previously, the 24-year-old’s flow on “PAIN!” is much more subdued than some of his biggest moments. However, it doesn’t take away from the aggression or the energy. If anything, it adds an extra layer of menace and confidence to the track. The ad-libs float behind, and while they’re less present in the mix, the energy of Sheck’s shouts is infectious. As he continues to prove with tracks like “Stick” with Dreamville, his energy is as catchy as any great melody out there.


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