Album: Ne-Yo – Self Explanatory

Ne Yo Self Explanatory

Sixteen years since his debut, shows no signs of slowing down.

The R&B crooner returns with his eighth studio album, Self Explanatory. The 13-track set includes previously-released singles with Jeremih (“U 2 Luv”) and Bleu (“Stay Down”), plus collaborations with Trippie Redd (“Push Up”) and Zae France (“Layin’ Low”).

“What I want people to take from this album is just music to live life to, music to feel some emotion to,” he told Jalen Rose. “We got to a place in music where the emotion kinda died down a little bit. Everybody’s real tough, everybody’s real cool. People are afraid to be vulnerable. That vulnerability is what connects us, that ability to lock into another person’s heart.”

began work on the album four years ago, but the pandemic thwarted his plans.

“I started this album in 2018, and I was moving through it a little more slowly than normal,” he told Haute Living. “The pandemic really threw a monkey wrench in everything, for everybody — myself included. I wasn’t doing a lot of recording at the time because I was just trying to figure out what the hell was actually going on. It was a moment.”

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