6ix9ine Fights with DJ in Dubai After Being Called A ‘Snitch’

Tekashi 6ix9ine Miamibash

6ix9ine’s trip to Dubai ended with a brawl.

Just weeks after his girlfriend was arrested for punching him, the “Trollz” rapper was involved in a fight overseas. Tekashi was reportedly attacked at the Soho Palm Club after the DJ refused to play his music and called him a “snitch.”

Video footage shows the altercation where Tekashi repeatedly throws punches at a man in the club as people try to break up the fight. Another man eventually steps in from behind 6ix9ine and appears to snatch the chain right off his neck.

At one point, the DJ got on the microphone and told the crowd that he refused to play 6ix9ine’s music. “I don’t play snitches,” he said, according to XXL.

“I said, ‘No.’ Where I’m from and the way I was raised, I don’t do that shit,” he added. “I lost too many people…to people like that.”

After the footage surfaced, 6ix9ine took to social media to deny that his chain was snatched. He posted a video displaying his chains and other jewelry, while calling out the “fake news.”

“Stop lying and spreading fake news!!!” he wrote. “The DJ was talking shit on the mic and got handled. Stop fake news.”

Tekashi has already left Dubai and is currently in Moscow for the Banger Fest on Sunday.

Last month, 6ix9ine’s girlfriend Rachel Wattley was arrested for allegedly punching him during an argument at a Miami restaurant. He reportedly refused to press charges and bailed her out.

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