Yungeen Ace – Dead Roses ft. Toosii

Yungeen Ace Dead Roses ft. Toosii
Dead Roses ft.

Of all the new music we’ve shared so far this weekend, Yungeen Ace’s All On Me looks to be one of the most popular projects. If you’re not familiar, the 17-track album includes the previously released collaboration, “B.A.M.,” as well as “Life of Sin.”

Other features come from on “Gangsta,” Baby23 on “Lifestyle,” Spinabenz on “Pop Shit,” and YBEEZY on “Old Ways.” Our personal favourite, though, is a breakup track featuring called “Dead Roses.”

“This relationship startin’ to feel forced to me / I don’t wanna cut ties, but you forcin’ me / Ain’t no way for us to end this shit accordingly / Good things ain’t forever, unfortunately,” the Florida native solemnly reflects on the chorus before his collaborator raps “Uh, good things don’t last forever, that’s unfortunate / Love on the stars, and my heart speeding it / Yeah, you think I’m ego (Oh) / Only because I wanna see other people (Oh).”


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