Yung Miami Calls Out DJ Akademiks In Her New Solo Single “50/50”: “Why You Speakin’ On Women?”

Yung Miami and DJ Akademiks 1014x570

Today (Feb. 9), Yung Miami debuted her first solo record since 2021’s “Rap Freaks.” Titled “50/50,” the braggadocious track saw her taking shots at DJ Akademiks and addressing her detractors, among other things.

In the freestyle, she rapped, “N**ga d**k small, probably why his balls so pissy/ Meat puller on your knees, how you standin’ on the business?/ Akademiks, you a b**ch, why you speakin’ on women?/ Yeah, leave him alone/ Mr. Pocket P**sy, what you beatin’ on?/ You see this face, I ain’t one of them b**ches you can hang up on.”

In October 2023, the music commentator revisited his previous feud with Yung Miami, where she allegedly called him a gay slur. He found the remark “ironic” given her frequent collaborator and former makeup artist Saucy Santana’s sexual orientation. The beef escalated with both Akademiks and the City Girls rapper trading shots online as recently as January.

Yung Miami teased that she was entering a new chapter in her career on Monday (Feb. 5). “I’m taking it back to Miami, the Yams. My roots, my people, my lingo. It all come from somewhere,” she shared in the promo clip. “They just be wanting to see you at your lowest. It’s like when everybody want to do that U-turn, that payback [is] a motherf**ker.”

The Miami native continued, “You talking about a big bag? Yams. You talking about some get back? Yams. You feeling like a bad b**ch? Yams. You see me in the streets, and you my fans? Yams. I’m fully established and I’m hungrier than ever. All ‘24, I’m back in the lab, running up the tab, and perfecting my craft.”

At the time of reporting, it’s uncertain whether “50/50” will serve as a standalone track or appear on a larger project. However, it did arrive on the heels of JT putting out “Sideways,” which is expected to be included on her debut solo EP.

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