Young Thug Says He Wasn’t Dissing Saweetie On “Want Me Dead”

Young Thug Saweetie

Young Thug recently stepped into the limelight to dispel rumors surrounding his new album, BUSINESS IS BUSINESS. Released on Friday (June 23), the project features a track aptly titled “Want Me Dead” that stirred up controversy around a speculated namedrop.

The lyric states, “My n**ga ain’t even tryna hit sweetie. That b**ch turn me off, no kizzy,” triggering speculation of an apparent slight towards rap superstar Saweetie. But in the words of Thugger, the gossip is far from reality.

The YSL rapper resorted to Twitter on Saturday (June 24) to clear the haze. “Her name is Saweetie. I said sweetie. #BusinessIsBusiness,” he clarified, trying to defuse the misinterpretation. For additional context, he added, “Also, that song is 6 years old.”

While Thug dispelled notions of a Saweetie diss, another segment of the album has ignited a similar reaction from listeners. Despite these tracks likely being recorded before the Atlanta rapper’s arrest in May 2022, fans can’t help but connect some of the lyrics to snitching allegations against Gunna.

In “Jonesboro,” the Slime Season artist raps, “Y’all n**gas just a bunch of dykes, f**king n**gas. N**gas told and he was my homie. I can’t miss him, ain’t nobody feel him,” with some interpreting it as a coded dig at Gunna.

In a time when Young Thug’s direct communication with his fanbase is constricted due to legal proceedings, BUSINESS IS BUSINESS still managed to land Apple Music’s top albums and songs charts. And while the initial excitement gave way to scrutinizing lyrics and hunting for veiled jabs, the rapper remains unmoved, dismissing allegations aimed at Saweetie and leaving fans to ruminate on the rest.

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