Young Thug Destroys Rolls-Royce To Promote ‘Punk’ Album

Young Thug Gunna Rolls Royce Punk
Rolls Royce Punk

is in full Punk mode.

To promote his upcoming album, the YSL rapper destroyed a Rolls-Royce Wraith during his album listening event in West Hollywood on Tuesday night. Video shows Thug taking a bat and smashing the side panels and windows of the luxury vehicle, which costs upwards of $300,000, while stands on the hood and tries to break the windshield. The “Punk” album title was written in pink graffiti on the windshield and side of the car.

and other members of Thug’s YSL crew also joined in as a crowd gathered around and watched them carry out the expensive stunt in the street. The wrecked car was towed away at the end of the night.

On Friday, Thug will release his new album Punk, which has already spawned the single “Tick Tock.” It is also expected to include collaborations with Elton John, Gunna, and possibly Lil’ Kim.

“This album Punk that I’m going to put out soon is probably going to be the best album, because it really teaches you, gives you life situations, it’s teaching I’m human. I am you. I am him. It’s very verbal. I think it’ll probably be the best album even though it’s not out,” Thug told Rolling Stone in a 2019 interview.

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