Young M.A – Tip The Surgeon

Young M.A Tip The Surgeon
Tip The Surgeon

kept things quiet in the first quarter of 2022, but she’s beginning April with a bang, dropping off a hot new single called “Tip The Surgeon.”

“One of the hardest rappers in the game,” a YouTube user praised the 29-year-old following the arrival of her song. “Hands down, lyrically a fool with it.” Others added, “Been waiting at work all day for this banger, on top,” and “She’s still killing it in the game, she’s my favourite female rapper.

After telling listeners what prompted her to “Tip The Surgeon,” continues to rap, “With a thank you note like thank you for your service (thank you) / Now when I f*ck her front to back I’m like it’s worth it (ooouuu ooouuu) / I piss ’em off on accident but shit on ’em on purpose (hello) / Invest in her business don’t buy her a Birkin.”

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