YNW Melly Hit With Witness Tampering Charge In Double Murder Case

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Already facing a life-or-death trial for two counts of first-degree murder, YNW Melly was hit with a witness tampering charge today (Oct. 4).

According to official documents obtained by Sun Sentinal, the Florida artist was accused of attempting to deter witnesses from testifying truthfully in his ongoing case. The citation was filed one day after Miami-Dade police arrested his associate and former collaborator, YNW Bortlen, on similar charges.

Currently, the two men are embroiled in a legal showdown over the 2018 killings of Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” Williams and Christopher “YNW Juvy” Thomas Jr.

Prosecutors argued that Melly was the triggerman, opening fire from inside a Jeep after a late-night recording session. Bortlen, who was reportedly driving, was also indicted with murder and accused of staging the scene to mimic a drive-by shooting.

On Monday (Oct. 2), photos of a letter that the “Mixed Personalities” rapper penned to his father surfaced online. It read, “I wouldn’t change nothing about my life, not even the last 4.5 years I spent it [this] dark s**t hole. It made me a man. It’s finally over, [though]. I knew I wasn’t getting bond, I’d have to have a second mistrial. I ain’t tripping. I’ll be home this trial. God is working.”

The message continued, “I love you. Thanks for getting it on with my mom and making me… Tell Bri I love her and her daughter! Tell Doya I love him, and tell Makia I love her. Can’t wait to meet you all. We gon’ hang. Love, man.”

Melly’s retrial is currently slated to start on Oct. 9 after the jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict in July.

In June, Juvy’s mother, Leondra Phillips, spoke out after a clip of Melly praying and blowing kisses in court went viral.

She told WTVJ’s Heather Walker, “I walked out because I don’t… What you praying for? You sitting there like you ain’t got no remorse. Like every time I walk in, you smiling. This ain’t the time for that. This is sad. This case is serious.”

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