Yhemolee Tenders Apology And Explains Why He Rubbished Nasboi’s Career Switch


According to Yhemolee, he was ignorant of the fact that Nasboi used to be a singer before delving into comedy. While expressing his apology in a lengthy note, he added that the goal of the podcast was to banter with the host, Isbaeu.

Apology of Yhemolee to Nasboi over career switch

“Hi brother, First off I’m sure from the first time we met up till today, we have never crossed each other, and we have mutual respect for each other. I have supported your craft and featured in some of your contents. I totally respect your Talent and I can never water it down.

“Oh well if you felt some sort of way about a reference made in the content with baeU, you could have reached out to me like I’m doing right now and you probably would have had a clearer understanding or baeU himself would have made you understand the direction of the content with him.

“As against the tweet you just made, in which I take no offense even though I was never expecting such from you. But this is me saying I’m sorry about it and I hope it eases your mind and it would never repeat itself again. The content direction was more of sacarcm , banter and humor.

“I threw serious bants to baeU as well just as he did to me as well. Nothing was said from a place or resentment or disrespect or whatever and again I am sorry. I love your music, as a matter of fact I did help to share it on my socials as well. I enjoy it at my work place and i mentioned in the same video with baeU how much of a beautiful song it is.

“The banter was about comic acts tilting towards music, I never knew you to be a prolific musician or had history with music until after this song dropped. Forgive my ignorance. Thank you.”

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