YG – Toxic (A Colors Show)

YG Toxic A Colors Show

One of the many new arrivals to hit streamers this weekend was YG’s Mary J. Blige-sampling single, “Toxic,” on which the California rapper appears to be sharing a message for any of the side-chicks out there.

Along with the single’s arrival, the 32-year-old dropped off an accompanying music video with controversial model Brittany Renner, whom he emulates a happy, loving relationship with (not without his fill of something on the side, though).

“I know what she want, she want what’s inside my jeans / She want my heart with the lock, she wanna throw away the key,” he begins on the first verse. “She make love, she will get f*cked, gang, gang, got her throwin’ up Bs / She like, ‘Boy, don’t do me wrong, just Birc’ and Prada me.’”

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