YFN Lucci – Free Me

yfn lucci free me

YFN Lucci is dealing with a pretty major setback in his life right now. The veteran rapper hailing from the hip-hop hub of Atlanta, Georgia is currently under arrest after pleading guilty to one count of a violation against the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act. This all went down for Lucci just about two weeks ago. However, there is a little bit of a silver lining in all of this.

It was originally reported that Lucci would have to serve a total of 20 years. 10 of those would be in prison, with the second half on probation. However, the sentence was updated to where he will only serve three and a half months in jail. Following that, Lucci will finish off the remainder of it on probation. While it is still not ideal, at least prison is out of the equation.

Obviously, this has to be a lot for Lucci to deal with emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. One way artists know how to cope is through making music. That is what he has done moments ago, as he returns with a new single. “Free Me” is also the first solo single for Lucci in three years and it begins a rollout for his next album. The last time he put out a project was back in 2020 with Wish Me Well 3. In this soulful and trap-heavy cut, YFN gets out his frustrations surrounding life’s recent events.


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