Yebba – Waterfall (I Adore You)

yebba waterfall i adore you

It is a darn shame that Yebba does not get the praise and recognition that she so deserves. Of course, what got her on the map was her work with Drake on Certified Lover Boy with “Yebba’s Heartbreak” back in 2021. The song has over 240 million streams on Spotify which is currently her most popular track. Other than that big co-sign, many people might have never been able to hear Yebba’s soothing voice. Hopefully, after hearing this brand-new single, she will not need any more help from bigger names.

The Arkansas singer, songwriter, and producer received a “demand” from Drake a few weeks ago to put out the full version of a song. On For All The Dogs, she has an outro section on the closing track, “Polar Opposites.” Yebba’s lyrics mainly contain the phrase “Baby, I adore you.” Apparently, this was part of a full song known as “Waterfall.”

Now, we have the official record and it goes by the title, “Waterfall (I Adore You).” There is a solo version with just Yebba, of course, but there is a second rendition. The other one features a little verse on the backend from Sweata. It is an absolutely beautiful song. Drake was absolutely right about requesting this to come out, it is a stunning ballad.


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