Wiz Khalifa – Iced Out Necklace

Wiz Khalifa Iced Out Necklace
Iced Out Necklace

has been on a roll so far in 2022, delivering singles like “Backseat,” “Ordinary Life,” “Put You On,” and “How The Story Goes,” along with his joint project in collaboration with Juicy J – Stoner’s Night. Most recently, the 34-year-old has shared a two-minute and 35-second long solo track called “Iced Out Necklace.”

On the first verse, following a chorus full of quick rhymes, Khalifa spits, “Put two middle fingers up, say, “F*ck your life” (F*ck your life) / Made more money than you in your f*ckin’ life (F*ckin’ life) / She don’t want you, dawg, she wanna f*ck your life (F*ck your life) / Ain’t nobody hatin’ on you, fuck your life.”

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