Why My Relationship With UK Girlfriend Crashed – Mayorkun


Mayorkun, a Nigerian singer, has stated that his relationship with his British girlfriend, Cocainna, has fallen apart.

The ‘Cheche’ singer revealed that he is currently single and that he and Cocainna split up since their relationship didn’t work out.

He, on the other hand, stated that he is still friends with the British model.

Mayorkun made the remarks during a recent interview with Cool FM Nigeria, which was hosted by reality personality Tacha.

Interviewer: “Are you in a relationship right now, Mayorkun?”

Mayorkun says, “No.”

Interviewer: “So what happened to you and Cocainna?”

“Life happened,” Mayorkun says. But we’re not worried. We’re really cool. It’s just that when you meet someone, it works out, and when you meet someone else, it doesn’t.”

The musician refuted reports that he is obsessed with dating London girls, adding that this is due to the fact that he spends the majority of his time in the city.

“Nothing special,” he remarked, “but London has my heart.”

Mayorkun and Cocainna fueled romance suspicions last year after the UK dancer and influencer took the singer on a date in London, according to report.

The couple later confirmed their relationship.

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