Westside Gunn – Brick After Brick ft. Fabolous

Westside Gunn Brick After Brick ft. Fabolous
Brick After Brick ft.

and might not be the most similar on a stylistic level, but the pair certainly share a few keen interests. It’s probably why their brand new collaboration — arriving courtesy of the Godfather Of Harlem soundtrack — is titled “Brick After Brick.”

Off the bat, the production is a far cry from what typically slides on, adding an additional dose of excitement to his starting “Ayo.” While he doesn’t always receive the credit he deserves as an emcee, stands toe-to-toe with Fab as he urgently attacks his opening verse with vivid gangsta rap imagery. Defaulting as the calculated and collected counterpart, Fab brings his signature punchlines to the mix as he closes things out with an authoritative verse.

Overall, “Brick After Brick” is a strong showing from both contributors, and we can only hope they continue to explore this chemistry on further releases. Check it out now, and sound off — who do you think had the superior verse?


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