Westside Gunn – Bash Money ft. Lil Wayne

Westside Gunn Bash Money ft. Lil Wayne
Westside Bash Money ft.

Westside has officially dropped off Side A of his new album Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf, set to be the climactic installment of the long-running saga. As expected from the Buffalo visionary, his latest project is another strong release brimming with grimy production and stylish violence.

And while the experience is best enjoyed as one cohesive whole like a good movie, it’s hard not to immediately take notice of a feature, especially when he’s stepping into the Griselda wheelhouse. Westside sets it off with formidable verse, his stream-of-consciousness flow packed with vivid imagery; it’s long past time to stop sleeping on this man’s lyricism. It’s not his fault he surrounds himself with elite bar-spitters, including Weezy F. Baby, who absolutely bodies this one.


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