Vivica A. Fox Responds To 50 Cent Penis Enhancement Rumor

50 Cent Vivica Fox

Vivica A. Fox is coming to the defense of her ex.

recently made headlines after he sued a cosmetic surgeon for falsely implying that he had a penis enhancement procedure. The rapper took a picture with Dr. Angela Kogan back in February 2020, and claims that she has been using it to promote her plastic surgery clinic, Perfection Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, while making it look like 50 needed to go under the knife to enhance his penis.

Last month, the photo resurfaced when The Shade Room ran a story about the trend in male sexual enhancement procedures and interviewed Kogan.

But 50 is not lacking when it comes to his anatomy, according to his ex-girlfriend. During her appearance on Fox Soul’s “Cocktails With Queens,” Vivica A. Fox addressed rumors that 50 went under the knife.

“Angela, you lying. If that’s the one thing I know that’s true,” Fox said while addressing the surgeon by name. “He didn’t have to get no enhancement, he good.”

Fox briefly dated 50 back in 2003. While they’ve had their share of post-breakup drama, that didn’t stop the actress from vouching for his manhood. “The one time, I’m with him on that one. He’s right on that one. He know, it’s all good,” she added.

is suing Kogan, saying she is well aware that he never had penis surgery. According to TMZ, he wants her to stop sharing the photo, claiming it has caused ridicule while damaging his reputation and violating his right to control his name and image.

Kogan’s attorney said 50 allegedly agreed to take a photo with Kogan in exchange for services. Heitner doesn’t specify which services 50 received at the facility, but he acknowledges that it was not for penile enhancement.

50 is asking a judge to stop Kogan and MedSpa from falsely claiming that he’s their client and to stop sharing the photo, while also seeking monetary damages.

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